Renewable energy systems designer/developer-outsourcing consultant

For the past 13 yrs my solar central heating system has worked without a service cost

Seeking new business partners to re start solar thermal sales in the UK

This is one of 3 video's I have uploaded to YouTube to explain how my heat pipe collector/thermal store multi fuel hot water tank can support home heating in the day time through the winter months as well as delivering 80-100% of hot water needs throughout the summer months without over heating concerns, or the use of glycol and servicing costs

After a very successful 16 yrs as a solar thermal systems designer, developer, JV manufacture in China, UK importer distributor and exporter to other countries up to 2009, the take up by home owners today is slowly being destroyed by the Solar photo voltaic (PV) industry to meet EU targets to reduce Co2 emissions through subsidies, every house holder is paying into through there utility bills since 2011.

The reason why solar thermal water heating is not being supported in the UK, is because it cannot be metered for tax purposes, as its 100% off grid. IN the UK, 60% of all energy use is for heat and hot water, 27% for electricity, with the balance used in transport


After selling off my plumbing/heating and bathroom business in 1991, I started a new business that focused on energy and water saving technologies named Quality Services Ltd in 1992.

During my 12 years growing the luxury bathroom sales and installation business with sales of £890,000, I designed a new offset luxury shower tray and enclosure which I took with me to my next start up venture along with other innovative materials.

It was at this time the UK was seeing growing imports of Combi Boilers from Europe and faucets from Germany and Italy which all required a supply of water at mains pressure.

Unlike Europe and the USA, the majority of UK buildings had been installed with vented steel and later on insulated copper hot water tanks, with a cold plastic tank in the roof space that supplied cold water at gravity pressure to the hot water cylinder near the bathroom.

Not from the plumbing industry, I did not want to get involved in anything related to pressurise hot/cold water systems, so began developing a NEW multi fuel hot water tank after watching a video from the USA of a unvented hot water cylinder allowed to overheat, which exploded out of the house down to the garden.

Having secured a copper smith to manufacture my first thermal store, a video made, a few sales for evaluating how my Thermal Store would work in real time in a family home, is when I started to understand how cold water was in winter months and the amount of energy required to heat 5c to 60c.

By early 1993 I began researching solar water heating collectors (both flat plate and evacuated tubes from Thermomax and NEG of Japan.

Not impressed with the high prices and all the component parts needed to complete the installation, I started to develop my own low cost 1m2 boxed collector using Pex Pipe.

After my first exhibition in London show casing many of my technologies, I was off to Cyprus to establish a business after shipping a 40ft container at my cost. follow the rest of this story in About Me.


What I have proven since I purchased this new house in 1999 after the experiance after 5 yrs in Cyprus plumbing/solar sales, installations and servicing of the many solar collector/system failures I was called out to repair,  was to put all this knowledge I gained into my own house to demonstrate what the potential of solar thermal could provide to home owners along with thousands of businesses that rely on heated water all year round with space heating required for at least 5 months of the year.

On December the 13th during PM question time in Westminster, Ms Teresa May pointed out to Mr Corbin, that 216,000 new homes had been built in 2016/17. The picture above demonstrates what is missing on every roof top to help reduce this countries gas/oil imports.

Instead every new house/apartment built is fitted with a gas/oil boiler, a few with heat pumps or an all electric hot water heating system. All the false Chimney stacks of this 180 house/apartment development are made of plastic for looks, while the hundreds of m2 of slated roof, absorbing tax free energy from sunlight with no benefits to the owners who paid upwards of £300, 00


A wide range of boxed Portable Solar Charging Station Kits

I am now seeking to attract peer-peer investors/business angels who are looking a guaranteed 5-10% return year on year, risk free.

I already have 3 American investors on board, my Chinese business partner and signing up soon, an investor/business partner in Australia. If renewable energy is of interest to you or your children for the survival of this ONE PLANET our human race hopes to continue to live on, feel free to contact me about investing through my overseas established business I am 100% the owner of, in exchange for shares and profit sharing.

The business was first registered in 2012, now with 5 yr audited accounts. No loans, no overdrafts, no credit cards, low over heads and one only business partner handling the Chinese side.

I am the designer, developer with a signed up business partner in Shenzhen, China to complete the assembly after regular exports to small and large companies both in the UK, Europe, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sth Africa and west African countries

My proven business history is all out there to find + my 16 yrs developing exports out of China.

This high quality up market portable solar charging battery range starts from just $12.00 up to meeting whatever the off grid power supply needs are required by the buyer.

At the heart of every off grid system is my NEW updated Multi Function Power Bank, now providing up to 100 watts with 50Ah of storage. A second NEW Power Bank has been developed which can keep all Apple devices charged up outside of a mains AC electricity supply from I phones to Mac books.

My business partner in Australia will be the first person to gain the certification for this country, while for UK and Europe, already gained CE and RoHs. For the USA, we will need to apply for USA certification before we can start to market them in this country.

I hope to be able to provide many African business partners involved in the mobile phone industry to apply for the exclusive rights to sell my kits into there country once the volume is up to 500 sets a month, due to the wide use of a Parasol to trade from across the whole of Africa.


Where ever you live in the world, the SUN rises in the morning and sets in the evening, even if you can’t see it, the power of the Sun and Moon is what allows us to survive on this wonderful planet we call EARTH.

Without the SUN, life as we know it would not exist.

The power of the SUN can provide hundreds of millions of people who live and work in a rural part of the world with guaranteed night time quality lighting off grid. Where ever you live in the world, you may also experience regular power cuts/power outages through our changing weather, which will only increase due to global warming and climate change

Start today by investing in a simple low cost DC/AC LED multi function solar lighting kit from a low cost from $20.00 (£16.00) + delivery

It’s so simple and affordable to everybody, to invest in using solar panels, lithium battery storage and LED light bulbs for every household.

As the sun rises the solar panels start to generate direct current (DC) which charges the re-chargeable battery. When the sun goes down, you can start to use the stored energy for your night time lighting needs.

Depending on the size and number of solar panels and the battery storage, many other 12-20 volt devices can be powered from the battery. Adding an invertor allows the use of 110-220 volts appliances to be used.

If electric powered cars are the future which also incorporates the latest battery technology as used in your mobile devices, tablets to lap tops, why we are not interested in the lighting of our homes guaranteed tax free, reducing the burning up of fossil fuels.

There is no reason why all NEW houses being built across the world are not built with 25% of the lighting off grid lighting, with separate internal wall sockets for 12-24 volt DC to recharge your portable devices free of the national grid and reduces taxes.

Join up with me in 2018 by taking the first step towards living with an off grid solar charging station kit, even if some days it rains or snows.


Due to the interest in the 25 watt Solarbrella since I completed all the testing in 2017, I started to look to use traditional solar poly cell technology to develop a 30 and 60 watt solarbrella that could provide a 20v output, which the 25 watt PET solarbrella was unable to deliver.

The NEW larger Solarbrella range has been developed for direct charging an updated NEW in 2018 a multifunction master Power Bank with a capacity of 50,000mAh (50Ah) at 20 volts. For days without not enough sunlight, the power bank can be re charged by AC 110/240v mains or from a off grid battery storage system through an inverter.

The multifunction master Power Banks are also being offered separately, along with the accessories to a buyers individuel needs via the apointed distributor in your country.

Our ideal importer/distribution partner (one per country) would be those who were able to import the component parts, with carry handle boxes shipped flat pack for assembly in the country to suite the client’s choice of accessories and sold direct. through exhibitions and online.

Selling direct to the buyer through an online web site gives the buyer the greatest value compared to being sold through retail outlets as another product sitting on the shelf.


With the additional larger Solarbrella range soon to go into production in late 2017, I am now marketing this innovation to companies established in the camping, glamping, caravan/motor home, breweries and the wider hospitality industry world wide.

A sales opportunity is open to both business start ups to International companies who meet my ethical business standards.

The business model I have developed provides a shared profit to both parties related to the portable range of solar charging station kits leading up to my already established solar heat and power related technologies I  designed and developed since 1991.

Just one company per country will be selected to sign an exclusive  Import/ distribution agreement with me.

I am also open to discussing a licencing/royalty agreement, where certain parts could be outsourced in your country with local job oppotunities being created.