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Sustainable Renewable Energy is the future for all of Africa

Across Africa, India, Sth America and Asia, hundreds of millions of human beings are living in real poverty, not the sort of poverty we in the western world complain about while on welfare, access to food banks with FREE national health at the point of need, paid for through national insurance and taxes.

Yet £11 billion a year of foreign aid paid out from British tax payers, never reaches the many thousands of people who are just surviving. So how does this £11 billion reach those in Poverty with no mains electricity, no piped cold water, hot water and no sanitation?

This is real poverty; I experienced myself during my 3 weeks travelling between Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon in 2014. In those 3 weeks, I stayed in a hotel for just 7 nights, while the rest of my stay was in the homes of my hosts, provided during my travels to rural villages who earned their money trading low value products, growing and selling fruit and vegetables, to coco bean harvesting as i experienced in Cameroon.

There urgent needs outside of a well balanced meal a day is:

  • Piped clean water and sanitation < could be collected from rain fall & filtered in the rainy season>
  • The greater use of solar powered well water pumping systems
  • The supply of hot water for day to day washing, clothes washing to destroy all manor of germs <low cost off grid solar thermal systems>
  • A secure house to live in, which incorporates insulation, to reduce the need for air conditioning.
  • A Guaranteed lighting & AC/DC power back up <off grid solar/battery storage kits>
  • The cooking of food that is sustainable and not needing gasoline or wood.

Its now my plan to use all my years of expertise and knowledge to transfer the 55 yrs of my life time experiance and the products and systems i have developed over many years between the UK, USA and China to now benifit as many Africans who are open minded to the profital oppotunities Africa can benifit from outside the big corparations who seek to only profit from there money and Africa desparate needs for a quality life for all its people.


Hotel du Ville is the local council office for this rural region in Cameroon I was invited to visit by the Lady Marie. My 10 days in Cameroon proved to me what the potential for solar heat and power would bring to hundreds of villages, to dry out the seasons coco beans.

This is one of the villages i stayed in for 2 days/one night where coco plantations are the main income of the village. The water was from a well, food cooked on a wood fire, no hot water and no sanitation. But there was happiness and bottles of beer to go round.

This young girl on my left right hand side cooks a prune type fruit to earn Monday at weekends for her family, while in education during the week. Like all traders across Africa, the parasol shades them from the sun as well as the rain

During my ten days in Cameroon, I was introduced to many decision makers, including with the Minister of Finance, see in the picture with myself and the lady Marie in the Capital, for the money to be invested in a solar thermal coco dryer. Like much of Africa.

My room in the house of Kwabena Danso family, my host in Ghana, who started his own village school in 2004, followed by the opening of a Bamboo Bike business, after winning an award in 2012. A Mosquito net is essential

Every morning people around this area would come to the water well, paid for by Kwabena to draw their water for the day by hand. In the house in the washing area was a large drum of water from the well, you use for washing and toilet.

In 2014 when i stayed with Kwabena, his Bamboo bike business was just 2 yrs old, employing 10 local village people. Today after foreign aid from the UK, his new larger factory will employ 40 people, with exports to date at $250,000

This is a typical busy high street in Accra, capital of Ghana, where all the top international hotels are located costing upwards of $250.00 a night. From here to the village of Kwabena is a 1 hr flight and 2hr road journey

It’s now the plans of Kwabena and Eric Hawkins, after our first meeting in London in June 2017, since I stayed at his home in Ghana in 2014 to establish a NEW SOLAR SOCIAL ENTERPRISE that benefits the many and not the few.

With the cost of solar panels at their lowest in a life time, battery technology also falling in cost and much more efficient that heavy duty lead acid, added to the efficiency and very low cost of Led lighting, this is now the opportunity across Africa to benefit from the 10 yrs the developed world like the UK who have subsidized solar, which led to the Chinese investing in mass production, why we now have this opportunity today to switch much of Africa for lighting if nothing else to off grid micro DC systems.


Below is a sample viewing of the first of my off grid Portable Solar Charging Station Kits.

Designed and developed for the global market, where there is a need for a power source for outside/inside living.

The world wide leisure industry covering camping, caravan/motor home holidays, fishing and boating who are seeking power off grid is the business area we are seeking to establish our products into.

As much as these quality packaged kits will sell very well in the wealthy developed parts of the world, for the developing poorer parts of the world (who could be waiting 50-100 yrs for piped clean hot and cold water into their homes) these kits are a life changer, if they can finance them through micro credit schemes or pay as you go like d lights.

The future for Rural Africa is for a guaranteed off grid  electricity and clean water supply that’s sustainable and affordable to all, and not to follow the wasteful western society where energy and water supplies are taken for granted as a right, because its available to all.

None of this will happen, unless I can attract both ethical minded investors from both developing and developed countries, business partners/distributors who can share my passion for what I have invested 25 yrs of my life in.

A full breakdown can be found on the NEW PRODUCT PAGE


The Solaridged kit is offered with a 25 watt glass free solar panel with no frame or 2 x 25 watt with a choice of 12 or 18 volts to suite the two battery options of Lead Acid or Poly Lithium Power Banks (The Lead Acid type you buy in your own country, unless shipped by sea freight.)

The Solarbrella is offered in 4 wattage/voltage options from 13w/6.5 volts, 2 x 13w, 1 x 26w/12 volt and 60w/18 volts sold together with the 50,000 K2 Power Bank.

The carry handle boxes have been designed to except 2  Powerbank LED lights shown in the full specification pages, also a AC/DC blue tooth speaker, Multifunction power bank options from 5,000mAh to 50,000mAh.

The 15 Portable Solar Charging Station kit range offers top quality, service and technical support as our number one priority to service your off grid needs.

Launch date is from the 19th to 21st of April at the SNEC Solar Exhibition in Shanghai, BOOTH Number E2-398.

At this exhibition we will be seeking distribution partners/taking single orders and opening up opportunities joint ventures covering a wide range of the companies established and proven renewable energy technologies


Where ever you live in the world, the power of the SUN rises in the morning and sets in the evening, even if you can’t see it, you can feel it.

The power of the SUN can provide hundreds of millions of people with lighting, who live in rural parts of the world at night, while during daylight hours charge your mobile and portable music devices all with built in rechargeable battery storage available to everybody, outside of the world’s national electricity grid system.

Join us today, make a small start to living with off grid solar charged devices, even though some days, it rains or snows.

If electric powered cars and transport is the future, incorporating the latest battery technology as used in your mobile devices, from a cell phone, tablets to a lap top, this top of the range off grid portable solar charging station kits at affordable prices is also for you.

NEW FOR 2017

The interest in the Solarbrella range on completing all the testing in 2016, followed by limited marketing, gave me the motivation to invest in a higher wattage range, for use on both domestic parasols and commercial parasols.

The existing 25 watt PET flexible light weight PV Solarbrella range, will be reduced to two only models, with the NEW range using polycrystalline cells, encapsulated in a clear plastic coating as semi flexible, but still able to be folded up.

The NEW larger Solarbrella range is offered in 30 and 60 watt at 18 volts, to marry up with our modified multifunction AC/DC Power Banks of 25,000mAh (25Ah) and 50,000mAh (50Ah).

The NEW range will be available towards the end of August 2017, to be boxed as the 25 watt portable solar charging kit range, but as a single Solarbrella item, with the Power Banks and related Power Bank accessories sold separate.

Our ideal import/distribution partners (one per country) would be those who were able to import the boxed individual component parts, with KIT carry handle boxes shipped flat pack, for assembly in the country to suite the client’s choice of accessories.

With the additional larger Solarbrella range now ready to go into production once new capital has been secured through the sale of 49% of  my company shares in Solar Speedflex Co Ltd (HK) the name solar speedflex will be changed to Thermaltricity International Co Ltd

The sales opportunities to those International companies who meet my ethical business requirements and sign up as a Thermaltricity International distributor, will profit from both the portable range of solar charging station kits along the many proven solar technologies I developed since 1991.

Just one company per country signing up to an exclusive distribution agreement will have the security through me, that nobody else will be able to import my Thermaltricity range into that country.

Shipping any products is the easy part, the technical back up and expertise in marketing is where the real value is.