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Introducing a high quality solar powered flashlight/torch after months of home testing.
Unlike many solar re charged torches, this model can also be re charged from a 240 volt mains power supply, through a USB port in the base of the torch, after unscrewing the carry handle cap. From a 2nd USB port, you can re charge your mobile.
The powerful COB LED chip provides a light distance up to 30 meters.

By pressing the on off button and holding down for a few seconds, the main body of the torch with the solar cells, also provides a varied range of light, from flashing to colors.
A very robust aluminum body torch that includes a glass breaker nut, and a string cutter.
Ideal for many uses including in times of power outages, if you live in rural areas where there is no street lighting

Very competitive prices.
Stock in the UK, but for overseas distribution please contact me for export prices

Update on the changes I have made to my portable solarbrella/battery storage kit.

I have dumped the K2 Maxtar, after a year of test, due to the failure of the pin adapters which connected the power bank to my laptop.

The manufactures had no interest to replace them, as was told the 1 yr warranty is now out of date.

The latest Power-bank I have outsourced and had changes made to work with my 60 watt solarbrella, now comes with a 200 watt Inverter, which you plug in from your mains power adapter supplied with your lap top

Watch the video and come back to me, if you need further details.

I will be making changes to the pages which promoted the K2 with all the technical details of the new one

Adding a new link to the on line Construction News portal out of Kenya

4th June 2018

After 2 years as being a runner up in the Dorset Business awards, the Green Ward has now been deleted by the news paper group, as no longer of any interest to local business

I am looking to establising a social solar enterprise with Kwabena Danso in the near future, which will provide high quality solar related products to the many and not the few at prices, where the profit is re-invested into better education of the greater use of solar energy off grid across Ghana.

In 2017, after being contacted by a trust in Canada for help in reducing a communities energy and water bills, I arranged a shipment of a range of LED lights to replace outdated ones for a project in Sth Africa (Botshabelo Community)

On the 13th June, i met up with Kwabena Danso in London, who was looking to find a UK importer/distributor for his NOW famous Booomers Bamboo Bikes.

His company received foreign aid from the UK government, which has resulted in an increase to 40 workers in his Village, where the bike frames are produced. He now exports $250,000 in value to countries like Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, USA and Australia.

His presentation at a community hall in Bermondsey, London attracted around 40 people including the Ghana minister for trade and investmen who i gave my business card too as well as one of my LED 10 watt own brand bulbs, so he could consider if this idea could be sold to the government of Ghana.

I was given 10 minutes to present a range of my Portable solar lighting products, including my plans to switch Ghana as I am planning in Senegal to 100% LED light bulbs by 2020.

I am also seeking to help kwabena localy with a local bike assembly business for his Bamboo bikes

The Botshabelo Community Development Project.pdf

This day I congratulate myself reaching 70 years on this earth and where I will be and what will I being doing when I reach 80!

One thing is guranteed, I will not be retireing any time soon, as its only when you reach such an age with 43 yrs in business start ups, that you have the experiance and knowledge to the next 10 yrs

Lots to update my followers with, now we are at the beginning of October 2017

A signed MOU was completed between myself and Mr Tom Hoole in Australia as the beggining of a new start in Australia covering many of my developed, proven tested technologies.