Preparing for winter in the UK

2017 has been a year of consolidation with the completion of all the testing of componants related to my portable solar charging kits including the solarbrella range.

My house in Dorset,UK has had a paint over, guttering all cleaned out, solar collectors washed after 12 yrs of heating my thermal store located in the loft for both space heating support and hot water throughout the year.

My rear garden produced a range of vegtables from new potatoes, to dwarf and runner beans, to strawberries and now autum raspberries.

The fruit trees provided a lot of plums, pears and apples, now processed for use later with the apples stored in the shed.

The rain water tank was cleaned out for the first time in 15 yrs, which required me to get inside to be able to clear out the dirty water remained. The Davy pump from Australia soon to be serviced with new seals and put back into service this october.

Now planting bulbs after digging into the ground horse muck for spring summer flower cuttings

Business wise, looking towards establishing Thermaltricity Australia PTY Ltd in Sydney and to visit Australia in early 2018.

Lots of business oppotunities to follow up with during the rest of this year, so by 2018 I am focused on sales only.