Welcome to my NEW web site

I created this web site in December 2016, to share with those interested my many life and business history.

My first toe into the solar energy market (solar thermal) was back in 1990 after selling off my luxury Bathrooms of Bournemouth Business.

At that time the UK plumbing and heating industry was starting to promote imported Combi Boilers and pressurized hot water systems, due to the growing imports into the UK of faucets (taps/shower valves) that required a pressurized hot and cold water system.

It was at this time I was developing a new type of hot water tank, which provided hot water at mains pressure, but still using a open vented insulated copper tank that the UK housing market was known for.

With a 12 year background in the plumbing/heating and property refurbishing market, which led to the opening of a luxury bathroom showroom, provided me with the experience and knowledge I have today.

With the UK still in recession in 1993, after financial crises in 1989/90, I made the decision to ship a 40ft container to Cyprus after a holiday in Cyprus and follow up visits to find the right business partner.

By this time, my NEW hot water tank (now called a THERMAL STORE) had one weakness in performance during winter months, that of the fall of incoming freezing cold water at mains pressure, not being able to deliver hot water at mains pressure when the hot water tank was heated to 65c.

The answer to that problem, was to design a low cost solar water heating collector to pre heat this cold water to 15-20c in order to retain an energy efficient hot water/heating system.

Within the 40ft container was bathroom and shower equipment, PEX al PEX pipe, Wedi tile backer board, a Japanese developed solar batch water heater and many more products to be tested and then sold into the Cyprus market to establish ongoing imports from the UK.

My planned 6 weeks in Cyprus ended up as 5 yrs, which is where I learned a lot about the many failures of solar water heating systems, which I have used over the past 18 yrs to achieve what I have today.

It’s now for those looking to enter into this exciting market, to access my years of experience from design to development, manufacturing to exporting to installation.

If this is a business you are already established in, or looking to enter into, feel free to contact me in order not to waste money or valuable time making mistakes as I did.

As well as my overall experience in all aspects of renewables as well as energy efficient technologies, look to use my experience working with Chinese companies, outsourcing and exporting to many countries across the world since 2001

Enjoy my weekly changing and additional information I add and delete weekly