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Solar power bank front page of two.pdf

This video shows the off grid potential from a 50,000 mAh multi function Power Bank, designed to be charged from AC mains (110-240 volts) grid power or through our NEW 60 watt #solarbrella or glass/frame free solar panels from 25 watt to 310 watts for lightness and flexability.

In 2018, two NEW Power banks have been developed, one exclusive to Apple devices, but as yet no solar charging device.

Full updates will be available in April 2018

In June 2018, we will launch a new improved range of our proven 50,000mAh Power Banks, expanded to 165 watt hrs, so every laptop can operate from these new Power Banks, compared to the 2017 range, I have been testing for over a year.
One of the two NEW 50,000mAh power bank has been developed exclusively  for charging all Apple devices, but as yet without any solar charging back up.
Full details to follow soon with full specifications.