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This page will cover my research into the UK and EU light bulb market, which will show beyond any doubt that home and small business owners are being ripped off, brainwashed and cheated by the big 4 corparate light bulb brands which the rest are following.

During my travels to Switzerland, France, Portugal and Ireland over the past 6 months + visits to all major UK supermarkets, and online sellers I uncovered a RIGGED light bulb market.

Proving beyond doubt that the big four corporate brands (Osram, Phillips, GE and Sylvania) are manipulating the prices of LED bulbs across many parts of the world in order to continue the sale of less efficient Halogen and CFL bulbs on the shelves at prices up to 70% lower than the same lumens as shown for Halogens and CFL bulbs.

They know the home owner will continue to buy THROW AWAY short life, high energy use light bulbs, when the choice is from €2.99 (£2.99) or €5.00 to €11.00 (£3.99 to £10.00)

My research covered the visiting of retail chain stores, supermarkets in 4 EU countries and visiting online internet sellers + electrical trade outlets localy to make sure beyond any doubt, that this was a rigged market.

If all the Incandesent and the conversion of Incandesent glass to Halogen globe GLS bulbs were banned totaly, the only two light bulb options would be the energy saving CFL introduced in 2006, (now well established in the market) but should not be priced 50% at a lower cost than todays advanced LED bulbs which come with a much longer life, but at a 50% energy saving on CFL bulbs.

If we are to reduce global emmisions, we all have a part to play in switching out of all energy wasting/short life light bulbs to latest LED
GLS A60 10 watt (806 lumen) of the high quality of Thermaltricity, should not retail above €3.00 (£2.80) any where across the UK and Europe

The following pictures demonstrate the prices UK home owners are being charged are from the major supermarkets. This includes GLS , GU10, Candle and Golf size LED light bulbs

The Thermaltricity brand was introduced in October 2016, limited to the most popular domestic LED bulb range from the GLS of 5w, 8w to 10 watt, B22  with 82 lumens per watt, certified to CE, RoHs and ErP. Availble direct to home/business owners and social landlords.

This £4.00 price including 20% VAT from Tesco own brand in store (made in China) is also a GLS 10 watt with 86 lumens per watt (806) LED bulb from one of the largest of the supermarket chains in the UK with over 250 stores

Also sold through Tesco supermarkets is this Osram brand of GLS LED bulb (806 lumens) priced at £7.00 each including 20% VAT sold along side there own brand Tesco LED bulb along with the cheaper less efficient Halogen and CFL light bulbs

This the most expensive of the GLS LED 7w bulb (470 lumens) found on the shelves of Waitrose, ne of the few upmarket supermarkets found across the UK. I took a photo in late 2016 showing the £10.00 cost from GE a USA Company. (Do not waste your money on buying these outdated priced light bulbs)

The following photo,s show the selling prices of the GLS 5-10 watt LED bulbs being sold in Supermarkets and Chain stores across Europe, after visits to Switzerland, France, Portugal and Ireland in late 2016-2017

Starting from left to right, where these GLS bulbs come from:

1. This 9 watt GLS LED bulb priced at €4.90 euro was found with hundreds of other types of light bulbs in a Chinese warehouse store in Lagos, Portugal, selling thousands of lines of products. What was interesting about this LED bulb, is the manufacture in China claims the 9 watt replaces a 90 watt Incandesent, giving a 90% energy saving.

2. This 5.6 watt/460 lumen replaceing a 40 watt incandesent priced at €7.99 from a retail store in Ireland from the battery brand company of Energizer.

3. The Nuetech brand with 9 watt, 806 lumens priced at €10.99 was found in a chain supermarket in Lisbon, Portugal, also found in Lagos on the Algarve. These LED bulbs were placed at the bottom of the shelves, while the Halogens at €2.99 and CFL bulbs at €6.20 were placed in the middle to top of the shelves to attract people to buying them at the lower prices compared to LED. The Chinese priced there LED 50% less, as no need to sell for €2.00-€3.00, even though there cost would have been less than $1.00

4. The final example of the GLS A60 LED bulb prices across Europe was found among hundreds of other types and brands in a large chain store seen across France under the brand Xanlite at €11.10 Euro with VAT sold as 10 watt to replace 75 watt, with a 15 yr life 

I didnt take any pictures of the prices i found in Switzerland, but i remember at the time of my visit to Zurich and a ski area, the prices were 10 Swiss francs for 10 watt, mainly phillips and Osram brands 


The following pictures will show how the less efficient Halogens and CFL energy saving types are displayed in stores with prices up to 60% cheaper than the latest high energy efficient LED bulbs with up to 25,000 hr life compared to 1,000 to 6,000 hrs for the outdated light bulbs

In conclusion

For the UK, Thermaltricity International has now partnered with Ridgewater Energy Ltd located in Dorset.

Ridgewater Energy Ltd are an energy efficiency consultancy managment organisation based in Poole Dorset. 

Ridgewater Energy Ltd is the UK distributor for the Thermaltricity range of LED light bulbs through local authorities and its many other projects

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