Renewable energy systems designer/developer-outsourcing consultant

Established in 2006, the name Thermaltricity International was:

- registared in the UK as a brand name to promote our imported range of ducted air to water heat pumps, combined with the sale our own brand of evacuated tube heat pipe solar collectors.

I used my Wimborne house to demonstrate how this multi fuel hybrid hot water and space heating  support works.

Due to the introduction of the feed in tarrif (FIT) by the UK government department of energy and climate change (DECC) in 2011/12, the interest in solar water heating and heat pumps declined. This one policy was the beginning of the end of solar water heating at an affordable price.

increased global sales and installation of solar photovolltaic panels as solar farms and micro grids is now a billion dollar industry, with solar thermal losing out to this money making government/utility funded industry that genarates only electricity while oil/gas and electricity is used for the majority of global space heating and hot water demand (60% of EU energy demand)

Thermaltricity International is the trading arm of Solar Speedflex Co Ltd (HK) pionering change to the failed government/industry written policy.

Our plans are to return to the days pre- 2006 to create a greater demand for solar thermal hybrid systems, through innovation and cutting out 50% of the componant parts currentl sold across Europe and the USA.

We have all been brainwashed into excepting what the hotwater, gas/oil boiler, solar thermal  industries want to sell to us as the standard.

More to come