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The schematic below is typical of what is being shipped out of China in containers by the thousands to developing countries across the world such as Africa and India, who all suffer from a lack of grid connected guaranteed electricity supplies 24hr x 365 days a year.

The following pages will show the latest in Portable Solar Charging Station kit Innovations, British designed and developed by Eric Hawkins after 15 yrs establishing business in China, exporting too many parts of the world.

Direct Lighting from the battery box Typical weight for 40Ah lead acid battery box around 15kG

The picture below shows a typical way China Made solar battery charged DC lighting works. What none of these manufactures can see, is how the individual 5 meter cables wired to a 12 volt LED bulb can be installed through a village home from a central positioned battery point to every room without tripping over the cables which has no mains electricity ?

1. The continued use of 12 volt lead acid batteries adds to the overall kit weight which can only be shipped by sea freight.

2. Limited power available from lead acid compared to a multifunction light weight Lithium Battery Power Bank.

3. The solar panels are of the standard glass/frame type, which are subject to damage and glass breakage during the delivery to the final destination.

4. When 12 volt DC light bulbs are included into the kits, they always come with a five meter pin connecting cable, providing a low light quality with a white light.

5. The larger battery storage units include an inverter built inside, that provides AC 110-220 volts, but unless the solar panels are of the correct wattage for the country, the battery will have a short delivery time.

6. The MOQ from the majority of China manufactures is 100 sets + delivery.

7. These low cost solar battery charging kits, will always be in demand due to the price, but for the middle classes, they want more.

Lead acid battery box A typical China assembled lead acid battery box, supplying 12 volt DC pre wired LED light bulbs and mobile phones. The 2nd option is the addition of an inverter to provide 110- 240 volts.

  • This is one of the problems, the trailing of 12 volt lighting cables from a central located lead acid battery box wired direct to the solar panels located on a wall or roof outside the building
Emergancy Lighting Outdated off grid lighting supplied with 5 meter twin cable pluged into your battery box
  • This is what you will receive from hundreds of companies both from China, Europe, UK and India. All with 12 volt LED bulbs, connected direct to the battery box which is wired to the solar panels.

The picture above shows the AC/DC Thermaltricity range of multi function power bank LED lamps, working with 220 volt mains electricity through a standard wall switch.

The same AC/DC E Lamp/ power bank LED light can be taken on a camping/ boating holiday or for any benifit to your leisure life where there is no grid electricity. 

A on/off hook switch cap converts the E27 screw threa  into a DC Emergency lamp with a USB port to charge your mobile from. 

The re charging of the AC/DC E-lamps can be direct from the Solarbrella/Solaridged charging kits or from mains AC 110-220 volts.