Renewable energy systems designer/developer-outsourcing consultant

Across this web site, I am looking to bring together my renewable energy working experiences and knowledge gained since 1990.

To include:   product innovation and design, system development and testing, installations and assembly manufacturing mainly in China since 2001.

As much as this has all been a personnel business venture which started with a new type of hot water tank back in 1990 after i sold off a luxury bathroom and kitchen business, today in 2017 the product range covers a much wider range of energy saving technologies that much of the developing and developed world is already buying into

This will include:

1. Thermal Stores, domestic and commercial

2. Solar water heating collectors

3. Plumbing and related parts used in solar water heating systems

4. Solar PV related products and views related to solar PV today

5. Solar PV + Thermal for commercial applications

6. Rain Water Harvesting

7. Portable Solar Charging Station kits

8. LED lighting both in AC and DC

The future use and uptake of all solar technologies is for the People of the world to wake up to the powerful corporations and now the Tech companies who want to control us through the supply of energy and water, to obtaining our Data through the Internet, social media and paying our bills through a mobile.

YES, there is an upfront cost, just as there is in buying a car or a house, but over time, your investment in a LED lighting system powered by a solar panel through a battery gives you your first freedom from the electricity supplier.

Much of this web site is all about my experiences, my life and living in a house in the UK I have slowly converted to running 50% off Grid, giving me some control over increasing energy and water bills.

I started to install many of the energy/water saving technologies I had educated myself about since 1990 after 18 yrs building a home repair business after buying my first house near Bournemouth, Dorset.