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The following pages covers the past history of UK hot water heating systems and next generation of Multi Fuel Thermal Stores and Solar Central Heating/Hot Water combined Hybrid systems.

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What is soon to follow on from the success of heat pipe evacuated tube collectors, since the initial introduction of heat pipe collectors in 1994, is a NEW innovation within the heat pipe that stops the overheating of the hot water during hot summer months.

One of the major problems with heat pipe tube collectors as with all other closed loop pressure water systems, is once the cylinder is up to the temperature specified by the hot water cylinder manufacture (of around 65-70c for UNVENTED cylinders) is that the solar pump stops working, thus increasing the hot water and pressure expansion build up within the closed loop system through an expansion vessel and pressure release valves.

Having proven over the past 14 yrs that a open vented Thermal Store is the ONLY hot water storage system that delivers both hot water for washing as well as support space heating, a new heat pipe innovation is on its way in 2018 that allows a greater use of solar thermal for winter space heating energy savings (Heat pipe evacuated tubes only)

The NEW heat pipe innovation allows the Thermal store to remain in a water capacity size of 250-300L, but for the solar thermal collector array to be increased from my current 44 tubes to 60 tubes or higher if you have the roof space.

By increasing the collector area, you produce more heated water during the 5-6 months of winter in the UK to be circulated through steel radiators or underfloor heating from November to the end of May.

The NEW heat pipe includes a temperature restriction of 80c, which means when there is no more demand for heating, your solar system can provide up to 99% of your hot water in summer, without the overheating issue for unvented systems

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