Portable Solar Charging Station boxed kits

Renewable energy systems designer/developer- outsourcing consultant

This page to be updated with additional flexible portable charging products

Rechargable LED battery lamp, without a solar panel for re charging the battery, but can be charged in AC mode

AC/DC Power bank LED lamp Option ONE is the first of 4 AC/DC Power Bank LED options with USB ports to charge your mobile phone, along with re-charging the lithium battery inside safely, or from a solar panel.

The AC/DC 7w LED lamp is both portable or screwed directly into a standard E27 ceiling/table light fixture through mains AC. In times of power outages the DC part of the lamp becomes an emergency light bulb automaticly.

The internal re chargeable lithium battery provides a light for up to 4hrs with a built in USB port to re charge your cell/mobile phone as well as from mains power.

Battery powered LED lamp with a solar panel to re charge or from AC mains while working as normal in a house

AC/DC Power Bank + PV panel Option two includes a 1.8 watt glass/framed PV solar panel

As Option one but including a 1.8w solar PV panel with 3 M cable attached to a micro USB port as a direct connection into the AC/DC 7 watt portable E27 LED lamp.

LED re chargable strip lights with re charging from a power bank, lap top or solar panels

AC/DC Power Bank LED strip lights Option three (available separate to the kits) can be re charged by mains electricity or solar panel

The AC/DC portable 8w strip lamp is 32cm long, comes with a fold up hook, and on/off button, with 3 light levels. Also included are 2 USB input/output ports, for re-charging the 4,000mAh Lithium Battery from solar or mains power. Also as a back up to mobile/cell phones as well as a portable high lumen (520L) light 

AC/DC Power Bank strip light with solar PV panel Option 4 includes a 1.8 watt framed solar PV panel with pre wired USB connector

As option Three, but including a 1.8 watt Solar PV panel with 3M cable with micro USB as a direct plug into the portable 8 watt strip LED lamp with a 2nd magnet fixing option.This gives the buyer the flexibility to hang the LED lamp where best suited for maximum light.

60 watt Solarbrella

The multi function Power Bank, with a built in Inverter is the first of its kind where the lithium battery has been designed to be re-charged direct from a solar charging device or AC mains power (110-220v) The battery management system (BMS) incorporated in the Power Bank protects the battery from being over charged during very long sunny days. The LED light white light indicator will show when the battery is fully charged and discharging when you draw power without being charged by AC mains or solar.

The 46,000mAh  Power-bank/inverter comes with 4 USB ports to charge 4 portable devices at the same time, with a 12 volt port and the 200 watt Inverter for running all other devices from lap tops to fans.

The picture above is our New and largest of the solarbrella range, available in 30 and 60 watt outputs.

The larger 30 and 60 watt solarbrella uses standard solar cells cut to fit each section of the solarbrella.

This NEW solarbrella has been designed with an opening to fit over single pole Banana type Parasols. A Velcro male and female allow both ends of the solarbrella to form a strong connection on one side.

The 30 and 60 watt can be folded up to fit into a standard suitcase.

One or two 25 watt semi flexible PV panels with a power bank to re charge power banks which provide single LED lights where needed to be hung.

The main difference between the top of the range Portable Solar Charging Station kits, is that the micro power banks (2,000mAh) are separate from the LED DC light bulb hard wired to USB female connection (as used across the world to back up mobile phones). The master power bank can charge up to 4 micro power banks at the same time

For the 50Ah multi function power bank, includes two x 25w/18V solar PV panels are connected together through a junction box pre wired with the 20volt power bank pin that plugs into the power bank.

Once night time falls, the DC hard wired USB LED bulbs are plugged into each micro power bank for hanging up in every room in the house. This is the only answer to the running of cables across the floor or walls from a central solar charged battery.

My resent visit to the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show at the NEC in Birmingham on the 21st February 2017, with an expected 100,000 visitors expected over the following 4 days.

Not haveing been to this show for over ten years, my 5 hrs spent walking through 5 large halls, demonstrated to me, that my range of 15 AC/DC solar lighting/mobile charging kits was made for this billion dollar industry.

Fifteen owner manufactures of micro caravan pods, to collapsible tent trailers and Glamping in pre bult holliday homes off grid.