Renewable energy systems designer/developer- outsourcing consultant

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About the founder:

Mr Eric R Hawkins the founder and sole shareholder of Solar Speedflex Co Ltd (HK) also trading under the name Thermaltricity International started as a one man business at the age of 27 yrs old in a place called Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

Today and entrepreneur with 12 starts ups established over the past 43 yrs including the current business of Solar Speedflex Co Ltd.

Stepping Back to how my life began:

Over the years since first entering work at the age of 15 after leaving school in Norwich, Norfolk with a basic education I soon became interested in becoming a success with my first job as a Commis Chef. My twelve years training to be a top Chef from a Commis chef, is what has made me the person I am today.

From my first business as a greengrocer to building a plumbing/heating to owning a luxury bathroom/kitchen-sales and installation company to property refurbishment up until 1990, is where many of my skills were gained from.

In 1990 all that experience was used in developing a business that focused on energy and water saving technologies, including the design of the world first Multi-fuel hot water tank (now known as a Thermal Store), followed by a solar thermal pre heat evacuated tube/heat pipe collector.

Five years spent in Cyprus (1993-1998) is where I learned all about the many failures in both the building of houses and solar water heating manufacturing & installations.

Returning to the UK in 1998 as the UK agent for SUNDA (a JV between Sunpo (Beijing) & Daimler Benz Aerospace GmbH (Germany) was the beginning of a 12 yr investment into establishing the Global Warming Solution center which expanded into Powertech Solar Ltd, followed Jayhawk International Ltd and Jayhawk Suntech Solar Co Ltd China.

In 2000, an e-mail from a young Australian working for an Internet sales company in Nanjing China contacted me to ask if I would be interested in forming a solar water heating partnership.

Having already visited China many times before, and was due to attend the Canton fair in Guangzhou in 2001 I agreed to meet up. The meeting led to the establishment of Focus Technology Co Ltd followed by brand APRICUS from 2002/3.

(The full story can be found through the link below)

In 2007, I formed a new JV with a business person located in Beijing to develop my own NEW brand of and evacuated tube heat pipe collectors through the partnering with (Tai’an Tongxin Solar Technology Co., Ltd) under the name Jayhawk Suntech Solar International Co Ltd.

In April 2009, due to the greed and corrupt banking industry followed by a worldwide recession (that destroyed hundreds of thousands of small/medium business enterprises), I  took the painful decision to place the UK Powertech business into administration and saying good by to a great team of 7 people I have taken on and shared all my knowledge with. It was hoped that a buyer could be found to continue the business that was supplying over 120 smaller solar energy sales and installation businesses across the UK.

That was not to be, so after being contacted by another Chinese solar water heating company in Haining who were seeking to develop an insulated flexible plumbing pipe system for their solar water heating buyers. December 2010 was the beginning of my 4th business venture in China, which is another story for later on, as I make new plans for 2018 and beyond.

I am also a consultant for Green Solutions Las Vegas, USA with an office in Shanghai as I look to return one day back to the USA to continue exporting solar related technologies where I left off in 2009.

The message below is from the Apricus company web site, signed off by Mick Humpries.
Not only does he LIE, he knew nothing about solar hot water heating until I agreed to meet with him in Guandzou in 2001, after he found my web site. I was importing evacuated tubes from China in 1996/7  to  develope my own evacuated tube thermo syphon systems until I returned to the UK in 1998, with a signed UK agency dealership with SUNDA (A Chinese/German JV) I had already visited evacuated tube manufactures in China before I even met Mick and on a 2nd trip meeting his boss the owner of Made In
I have retained all the proof needed to demonstrate the LIES and CHEATING that went on after I agreed to sign a partnership with Mick from Australia who at the time was just 21 yrs of age KNOWING NOTHING.
IF your company wants an alterntive to the Apricus brand, feel free to contact me, as ONE of my long time solar thermal manufactures in Haining, China can provide your needs with much more than Apricus can provide you, with me as your consultant advsier to demonstrate how you can sell solar thermal systems which cost less including labour.
What Apricus China has not yet copied is a PVT solar panel and Thermal Stores up to 100,000 litres that are shipped flat pack.
E mail  or

This is not a recomendation by me for anybody to buy from this company in China, which all began in 2001, when I was contacted by a Mick Humphreys, a young Australian learning Chinese as well as for a company promotng China made products over seas.

Welcome to the Apricus website

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of solar hot water and hydronic heating products.

Founded in 2003 by Australian Mick Humphreys with a specific focus on solar thermal solutions, Apricus has since grown into a global company with distribution and support offices worldwide.

"Apricus" is an extremely apt name for our company, as it is latin for attracting the sun!

With a focus on continual improvement of products, management and service, Apricus completes R&D and manufacturing in the company-owned facility that is certified to ISO9001:2008 management and production standards.  All of our products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation while aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all products and operations.  With a number of patented designs, Apricus invests strongly in product improvements and new developments based heavily on feedback from the diverse global customer base.

At Apricus we are strongly committed to providing simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about climate change and rising energy costs. Our team has an excellent reputation in the solar thermal industry and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service available.  We are very passionate about what we do, working hard to push the industry in a positive direction and ensuring that your experience with Apricus is a positive and enjoyable one.

We hope you find our website informative, and look forward to helping you Become Part of the SOLUTION.  

Kind Regards,

Mick Humphreys, CEO

The History of Apricus Co Ltd (China.pdf
Overview of who I am and some of my world travels updated to end of 2017.pdf

Growing food and being able to cook what you grow, has to be my best investments over the years, which started in my home in Costessy, Norfolk, when my mother was able to buy a bungalow which had a long garden.

Through one of our many aunts and uncles who owned farms across Norfolk, I excepted a sectional building structure from one Uncle who ended his chicken laying business, to be arrected at the rear of the garden housing 100 point of lay chickens.

The profit from the sale of eggs supplemented my low wages (£3.80 shillings a week) working as a Commis Chef at that time.

My love for gardning and cooking has increased my interest in Agriculture, where the use of solar energy can round the circle to sustainability

On returning to the UK in 1998 after 5 years in Cyprus, I rented a small shop to establish a new business named the Global Warming Solution Center. But two shops down, was this wasted ground over grown, so I rented a 2nd shop to sell electric bikes and scooters from, to have access to this piece of land. This was the start of returning to the growing of vegetables, soft fruit and flowers as I grew up with farming in my blood on my mothers side.

This house was purchased from NEW in 1999, because of the large south east facing roof area with managed gardens, which I added too outside my house

I try to make sure throughout the year, we have flowers growing in the planters, while adding hanging baskets for the summer months.

Many of the bedding plants are purchased through our local farmers market in Wimborne, Dorset, direct from local growers, as very low prices.

I also grow a lot of  summer flowering plants from seed, for both planters and hanging baskets in my small back garden.

With the shop garden and poly tunnel all gone, the Global warming solution  center and electric bike shop disposed of and the move into a large warehouse, then the loss of Powertech Solar Ltd in April 2009, I now spend what spare time in my smaller garden at the rear of my Dorset house. It's enough for me to  maintain while much of my time is taken up building developing this new business venture since registering the business in 2012.

Every year I dig out the old soil in the planters and re fill with horse manure and then new sieved soil from the rear of the house

Making the most of a small garden takes a lot of hard work, which started in early 2015 having not changed any of the plants and fruit trees I planted in 2000. It was time to dig out the soil to a 400mm depth, disposing of any roots from past plants or nearby trees and replacing the rotten wooden edging. I then dug in lots of horse manure I pick up from a local farmer who owns horses and it’s free. I also place Horse manure in the bottom of all my hanging baskets and pots that I later grow both flower and tomatoes/herb plants in.

With much of the hard work completed, with most of the spoil replaced over the horse manure, I dig in some bought in compost along with bags of leaf mold I take from my local forest which adds further to the soils nutrients.

It’s very difficult to grow anything between fruit trees, because the roots suck in all the nutrients from the horse manure as well as the water you hose onto the soil in during weeks of less rain. So this year in 2017 I placed grow bags in between the fruit trees and placed dwarf beans into the grow bags with a 70% success. When I purchased the house in 1999, I installed a large 1.5 ton water tank, placed behind my garden shed with a water butt at the front and back of the house to collect the water from the roof through a diverter valve.

Each water butt is installed with a Submersible pump and a float, which pumps the water into the main tank when the water butt reaches a certain level. More on Rain Water harvesting later on.

Growing vegetables through summer from seed, to picking strawberries and raspberries even in late October is just awesome.  All the pears, plums and apples have already been harvested and stored or prepared for freezing for use over the next few months in puddings and pies. With winter around the corner, flower bulbs all planted having re-dug the soil and dug in rotted horse manure, my time in the garden is becoming less as winter is just around the corner along with rainy cold wet days ahead.

The 1st love of my life after gardening is cooking, which has been a major part of my life over the years.

It’s my view that every person being educated at a school today, should learn the basics of cooking with at least 12 types of food dishes as a matter of survival. Knowing how to cook the wide range of edible ingredients available from across the world + local producers, can save a family a fortune compared to buying ready made meals off the shelf from supermarkets or ordering a take away.  

I am often asked, how did you manage to switch from becoming a professional Chef to starting a business in plumbing and heating to renewable energy today? The answer I give, is its no different from shopping for food ingredients and knowing how the ingredients come together for a tasty dish. Example: (you do not serve mint sauce with roast Chicken) is no different between me going shopping for materials to develop a solar collector or a hot water tank, as they both require a mix of ingredients/materials as well as knowing what works with what parts and how to bring them together.

If you also like cooking, but do not have a professionals expertise and tips on how to turn ingredients into tasty affordable dishes, feel free to contact me with the words in the subject (Tasty Food at affordable prices) 

From left to right, is my own home made pizza, easy to make and cost pennies. Next Is my beef and swede Pies, like a Cornish pasty, but as a small pie. Making your own bread is so rewarding, which I only started to experiment with in 2015, after 2 weeks in the USA eating tasty sour dough Baguettes. I have now perfected making my own bread in many ways.

From left to right, this is a Lemon Meringue pie, with a biscuit  base, followed by one of my own dishes i developed when working in Switzerland. You make some crepes and place a round of tasty ham on the crepe, then a half of a cooked heart of celery, grated Gruyere cheese and wrap up like a cigar. Place in a oven ware dish, pour double cream over the crepes and sprinkle with more Gruyere cheese. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, until the cheese melts into the cream and is golden brown. The final dish, is a salad  with fresh prawns and a source placed into a half an Avocado for a light dinner.  

From left to right, this is a typical Coq Au Vin French chicken dish, using cheap cuts of chicken, wine mushrooms and tiny onions. Next is a Strawberry tart, with Creme Anglaise over a pasty base. Lastly, is a Italian bread, with rosemary, thin slices of cherry tomato and Mozzarella cheese.