Renewable energy systems designer/developer- outsourcing consultant

The following pictures cover many of my exports and installations of the Apricus and Suntech Solar heat pipe collector brands, manufactured in China, between 2001 and 2010.
The countries include United Kingdom, through my company Powetech Solar Ltd as the exclusive importer/distributor. From the UK, we exported the collectors and full solar water heating system kits to Israel, France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.
Direct container shipments were to Ireland, Sth Africa and the USA
In the UK, many of the Apricus collector sales were to domestic homes for use in hot water and heating support, to heating indoor swimming pools, with a Powertech Thermal Store (made in the UK) to use in Agriculture, to support greenhouse heating.

Retrofitting heat pipe collectors to very old buildings, as the picture to the left shows, with 50% east facing and 50% west facing, fixed to the opposite of the roof. This installation through a 300L thermal store, back up by 2 x 3kW immersion heaters, supported the underfloor heating in the cottages. Installations placed on the ground, require the plumbing pipe to be fully insulated buried underground. The picture on the right, was to provide single apartments with there own direct solar heating water system.

Many of our hundreds of sales, were shipped direct to installer companies, who partnered with us in the UK.

From, a social housing project on the right in Cornwall, UK, while the large scale installation, was carried out by our London installers, after securing a solar water heating project at the Princess Alexander Hospital, London.

These are a few installations completed in the USA, through my then 3 importer partners.

All the Apricus frames, were designed to be suitable for most roof surfaces of the world, from shingle tiles, to tin, cement tiles and flat roof tops. Most systems in the USA are with a USA made unvented pressure water tank, with back up by electric or gas.

A few more installations across America, from Portland Maine, to California, Las Vegas to Washington and Maryland.

From the UK, we exported into France, Switzerland and Portugal, with Portugal the largest of our exports to a new property development in the Algarve

From left to right, this installation also provided under floor heating through a thermal store in Spain, next is a wall mounted south facing system in Austria and the final one is in Sweden

The last of my best Apricus sales/installation pictures from left to right: our first installation in Switzerland where its snows, next is another installation on a new house in Spain, also for underfloor space heating via a thermal store with a back up generator

In 2007, having departed from Apricus, I established my own brand named Suntech Solar with a partner in Beijing. The majority of the assembly was completed by an evacuated tube manufacture in Tianjin, Jinan. I only managed to complete 3 x 20ft container exports, one to the UK and two to the USA before the banking crises affected global sales.

To restart the production would cost around $100,000 having already gained solar key mark certification for Europe and USA certification, but would needed to be tested again. 

This the largest of my Suntech installations in the UK to a new care home in Sussex, which included 2 air to water heat pumps for night time space heating back up through the two copper thermal stores shown on the left hand side. The 3rd back up was a direct gas water boiler.

My long term partner in Eureka (Norm) who I spent a month with after the banking crises, to help him to re establish his business, which included the assembly of commercial thermal store water tanks up to 30,000 gals. everything I learned from my 6 yrs developing the Apricus collector and building sales from the UK to the USA, Europe to Sth Africa, gave me the knowledge I have today, to take all the past to the 3rd level of my 25 yrs developing solar hybrid systems.

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