Renewable energy systems designer/developer- outsourcing consultant

NEW proposals to the plumbing, heating and solar thermal trades/installers, how to re start solar thermal outside the RHI

Looking to use my house as ONE example of how to combine solar thermal via a Thermal Store with a choice of base loads for a guranteed delivery of heating and hot water all year round.

We are all aware of Climate Change and the NEW UK government law, that by 2025, all new built homes will no longer be supplied with mains gas. We are also ware that many governments have committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050, including the UK?

At the age of 73, as I start to write this up on the 27/07/2020, I could just continue my life as I am doing during this Covid Virus Pandemic, and die of bordem, or I can look to pull together like minded people, to create a NEW SOLAR THERMAL Merchants business in partnership with an established Thermal Store cylinder manufacture.

With my past business experiance and the sucess of Powertech Solar Ltd (2002-2009) before the banking crises/recession brought my UK and overseas business to an end, I see this start up as a follow on to what mistakes i made during that time, not to repeat again.

Below are the steps I am in the early process of taking

To follow

To follow on