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Having closed my solar speedflex company in HK with the manufacturing in China in 2019, not knowing that a virus from China would cause a global pandemic as we are experiancing today (October 2020), the future will be very different to what I have built my business life on since 1976

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The named Solar Speedflex Co Ltd was established in Hong Kong on April the 10th 2012, with a Chinese partner.

This section covers the insulated plumbing pipe side and fittings, required in all solar thermal hot water heating systems, including today PVT solar collectors.

I was already producing a stainless steel flexible corrugated pipe during 2007-2009, through a JV partnership with an evacuated tube manufacture in Jinan, with an office and warehouse in Beijing.

Sadly, everything came to end, due to the banking crises in 2009, including the loss of my UK distribution and export business to partners in the USA.

Not a person to give up, i returned to China in 2010, after receiving an e-mail from a solar water heating manufacture in Haining, near Hangzhou, who wanted to sell me this insulated SS pipe in coils. I later found out, they had just copied information from a western manufacture, after my questions to a sales manager. When he knew more about my past history in China, he invited me to the company to help them develop this idea of how you can take 20 meters of corrugated pipe, insulate it and to market it with a range of fittings.

I won’t go into the details, but within 6 months, I was no longer wanted after I helped them to develop this process.

I then spoke to the stainless steel manufacture about what had happened and they offered me a paid contract to develop the same idea for them. That also last only 6 months, and then a 3rd owner business man, who already knew me, said "we have a factory and can do this, no problem". That arrangement back in Shanghai lasted 4 months after the first export ended up as a disaster to my first customer in the USA.

At this point I almost gave up, but after visiting an insulation tube manufacture, was recommended to meet a business man in Hangzhou named Mr Lai, who owned a packing materials company.

After a couple of days of talks with my English Speaking Chinese partner (Mr Lai spoke no english) we signed an agreement.

He had already experiance in the assembly of SS corugated insulated pipe for a French company, which he still had 40 odd boxes of stock not yet sold.