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New Updated ThermoSolar Hot Water Storage

After many years in solar thermal system design, the buying and exporting many products from China, I have now reached a point in my life that change is on its way.
The Covid-19 virus, which has devastated the world, resulting in a global pandemic, loss of millions of jobs and businesses, with a $3.5 trillion loss of earnings to the workers of the world to date, is a wakeup call to how we deal with the next crises (CLIMATE CHANGE)
I will be adding more information to this front page over the next few weeks, as until now was about a NEW AC/DC Power Bank I imported in May 2019, which I have just sold the last one, not to be repeated.

This is a link to a NEW video from the manufacture of my ThermoSolar Multi Fuel open vented Thermal Stores.

Just to remind everybody what is happening across the world, from Cyclones, to Hurricanes, Flooding to Snow Storms and massive forest fires as seen in Australia in 2019 and again in California, USA in 2020. This is certain to happen more often everywhere in the world, as the effects of Climate Change increase.

As a home or business owner, you properly feel this is not something you can resolve alone and that it’s for governments to resolve.

In these current times of a global pandemic, the majority of the human race is more concerned about losing their jobs, a business owner losing his business as sales plummet and the elderly more at risk of dying due to contracting this virus. Then you have the young, who want to continue with their busy social life styles and achieving their goals in life after leaving university and collage.

I am one of those people who has seen 3 businesses I have established forced to close down due to recessions. Also a person without a job for a short time and aged 73, a possible risk of catching this virus if I am stupid enough to ignore the risk.

My point to all this, is everybody has to recognise that the next big crises is climate change, the planet heating up which will affect all of us, starting with water shortages and this affects food production.

I can only share all my plumbing and solar hot water heating expertise I have gained over 45 yrs and passing freely onto those who can make the changes to our homes and business that reduces the burning of fossil fuels.

New 300L using a Combi Boiler to heat the store via a boiler coil.pdf

I am now share all my plumbing and solar hot water heating expertise I have gained over 45 yrs and passing freely onto those who can make the changes to our homes and business that reduces the burning of fossil fuels.

I have two basic NEW Thermal Store designs (manufactured in the UK) which provides s single store of hot water that delivers both HW for sanitary use (Indirect through 2 HW coils) while the water in the store is used in the heating of the home. The material options is in copper or stainless steel. I prefer to recomend stainless steel 316L for longer life.

I first developed a Thermal Store back in 1991 (click onto the thermal store pages) which was to provide hot water at mains pressure without needing a pressurised cylinder, now called unvented for HOT WATER only.

The basic Thermal Store from 250-500L has been designed to be heated DIRECT from SOLAR THERMAL, A HEAT PUMP, GAS or OIL BOILERS AND WOOD BURNER STOVE. The store is maintained at 70c through the winter period and in summer at 60c (due to warmer incoming mains water temperature)

The 2nd model (top PDF) allows a home owner who has the space to install a Thermal Store to use their existing Combi Boiler. The extra coil in the middle is where the Combi Boiler exchangers its heat instead of the water being pumped around radiators or UFH through a closed loop system. Most Combi Boilers struggle during winter months to provide hot water in volume at a higher enough temperature.

All the stores are open vented to avoid the need to have a yearly service, unlike Unvented which must be serviced to check all safety devices work.

My job is to listen to your needs, and explain to you in simple terms how my stores can reduce your HW and heating bills, as well as reducing your homes carbon foot print.

I do not charge any money, as I am semi-retired and this keeps me active in my often days of nothing to do.

So feel free to connect with me to see how I can help you reduce your utility bills.

1800x500 copper v1.pdf