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I have just ONE only left of these Power Banks, selling on E bay for £78.00 includes delivery by Hermes, Or you can send me an e-mail to
Once sold, no more will be ordered and this Page will revert to my current business of Renewable Energy, with this front page all about Thermal Stores. The storage side is the first step to a more efficient Hot water and Heating system, before deciding on which type of solar energy collector you decide to invest in, or a heat pump or a wood burner stove.
A new addition, will be my 100% electric heated HW storage + solar thermal using off peak electricity

You can also find my Thermal Store marketing on E Bay under SEARCH for Thermal Stores in the Solar or hot water cylinder pages.

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POWER ON THE GO provides millions of people with a guaranteed back up of AC/DC electricity

·       Ideal for business men and women who travel by airlines, sea, trains or coaches, where AC power is not available.

·       To those who take outside living holidays like Camping, Glamping, Sailing, Fishing, Hiking ect who need to stay on line

·       A stand by during times of power cuts or power outages during weather related storms where lighting is the number one priority

·       Portable and light weight to pack in a carry on or back pack while travelling on airlines worldwide.

·       The addition of an internal inverter which converts DC to AC provides up to 95 watts that can maintain the running of laptops,

        the re-charging of batteries used in drones, commercial digital video cameras, and blue tooth speakers ect.

·       Has been fully tested for 6 months, in both DC and AC mode, discharging and re charging to make sure there are no faults         

        Only available DIRECT from Thermaltricity International UK, at an introductory price of £85.00, to include delivery to a United
        Kingdom only address. Payment only via Pay Pal for security reasons on both sides.

        Full terms and conditions are available on request.

I found this video on You Tube, which is 90% the same model as what I have in stock in the UK, but not branded, as I market this Portable AC/DC Power Pack under the name Thermaltricity International via E bay.
Unlike this brand Gear Up, with just 20,000mAh of battery storage, my AC/DC Powerbank comes with 24,000mAh lithium battery storage from Samsung. Other small changes can be seen in the pictures below.

Do not get confused with the hundreds of Power Banks promoted on E bay and Amazon for re charging devices through USB ports only, often as cheap as £12.00 up to £38.00, if you trust the details of the battery capacity like 500000 figure, which is often 5,000mAh up to 20,000mAh. The weight of a 46,000 pure DC power bank is 1.2 kg , as I have one from Maxoak, but does not provide a AC socket outlet with a built in Inverter as this model does.

Updated AC DC portable power station 2019.pdf

How often have you started working on your lap top or opened your smart phone or Tablet to find the battery storage is on very low and cannot find a 240 volt AC socket to re charge your device?

By now everybody knows what a standard power bank is with prices as low as £3.00 for 2,000mAh.

But these DC power banks only provide limited backup battery power to re charge devices with a USB cable connection.


The additional component included into this NEW Tricity branded POWER PACK, is a micro inverter that converts DC power to AC at 240 volts with a maximum output of 95 watts.

All AC 240 volt devices will come with a label, which shows the wattage. The wattage, is the power the device requires to power the device. For Example: A 100 incandesent watt light bulb in a table lamp cannot be plugged into this Tricity POWER PACK, but change that light bulb to a 10 watt LED bulb, and this allows you to power than bulb for 6-8 hrs from the Tricity POWER PACK

Alternative Current (AC) is the same as plugging into any home or business wall socket across the world, even works with American 110 volt devices.

I have over 25 yrs experience in off grid solar power, which in the year 1999, I used my then new house to become my test house, which included solar PV panels charging a large battery bank with a Inverter, that converts DC to AC 240 volts.

Today, solar PV systems are everywhere, mainly connected to the grid, but when the grid goes down, for whatever reason, your home/business still has no power to keep you connected and on line. Unlike the majority of homes and business who have a grid connection, my home systems are off grid, so if there is a power failure, I have battery storage power for the home, with a smaller system in my garden shed.

This is great for homes, but does not give you portable power as this NEW Tricity power pack provides.

I started to visit lithium battery manufactures in 2015, as the majority of my business has been established in China since 2001.

I have never been in a hurry to import and sell a new product, without fully testing them myself, which is why only NOW, I am confident enough to begin the building of a new start up business in the UK, followed by Europe, in the benefits of having a portable AC/DC POWER PACK as being part of your busy lives.

It’s now a fact today and tomorrow, that our lives will continue to rely on a mobile device for everything we do in our lives, from a simple phone call to the latest news and of course social media and uploading thousands of photos

Those who can afford the latest Apple I phone, costing £1,000, may provide a longer battery life, but you are still reliant on finding a 240 volt wall socket to re charge it.

I have been testing 2 AC/DC models from the same manufacture for the past 8 months, but out of the TWO, I decided to invest in buying the smaller of the two models, because there is no restriction when travelling by plane, compared to the larger Power Bank shown below, which comes with a weight of 1.5kG, providing 200 watts of AC power. But this larger 42,000mAh power pack, allows you to recharge the lithium batteries with a solar panel, or with my Solarbrella, you can find more about in << New Product Range>>

KR-899 800X 4_jpg


 All AC 240 volt devices will come with a label, which shows the wattage. The wattage is the power the device requires to power the device. For Example: A 100 incandescent watt light bulb in a table lamp cannot be plugged into this Tricity POWER PACK, but change that light bulb to a 10 watt LED bulb, and this allows you to power than bulb for 6-8 hrs from the Tricity POWER PACK

With this TRICITY AC/DC POWER PACK, you have AC and DC POWER when you are away from your home and office.

How often have you been panicking to find a power socket to top up your phone or lap top while on your travels?

This is your guarantee of both DC and AC which allows you to re charge your mobile or lap top many times a day without running out of battery storage.

Once you are back home, back to your hotel room, or where you have FREE access to another companies power supply, is when you can recharge your TRICITY POWER PACK if needs to be re charged.

While we are all ON THE GO we are all relying on a business with a 240 volt AC wall socket, as in a coffee shop, restaurant, coach station or airport lounge for our FREE top up power, but this ties you down to staying with the power socket to obtain as much FREE juice as we can, while maybe losing your train, coach or plane.

And while you wait for the smart phone/lap top to suck in the juice from the AC socket, time is running out where you had wanted to be by a certain time.

Power up All Your Favourite Devices with a TRICITY AC/DC POWER PACK, charging all your favourite devices such as a Tablet, every brand of lap tops including APPLE, and all other smart phones.

This AC/DC POWER PACK has a second use; it can even power some of your home appliance, which shows less than 95 Watts draw an hour like small fans, table lamps, radio and TV.

If you love the outside life, whether it’s in fishing, camping, glamping, hiking, boating and by the swimming pool, this slim line POWER PACK is all you will need for hours and hours of back up battery storage.

Empowered by lithium battery storage, TRICITY AC/DC POWER PACKS can support the re charging of many devices with an internal battery storage, from Digital Cameras, re-chargeable flash lights/torches to Drones as well as 240 volt devices.

You can re-charge any AC 110-240 volt mains power devices up to 95W from 24,000mAh (24Ah) of portable battery storage, when fully charged.

This Portable TRICITY AC/DC POWER PACK has uses all year round, not just as an emergency back up during a power outage

In the summer months I work outside in my back garden under a Solarbrella, to maintain my lap top battery, without needing to run an extension AC cable from the shed or inside the house.

This is a product every home should have as a back up to power outages, and not always rely on the electricity grid supply.
If you have parents who are elderly and retired, have you considered what will happen to them during a power cut, which always happens in many areas across the UK in winter periods.

Scotland always suffers from such power outages as storms bring down power lines. What they need most is lighting to move around the house. A simple table light plugged into the mains AC is all you need, with up to 6 hrs of guaranteed lighting.

In order to be competitive, I am looking to use social media and my web site to market this TRICITY branded POWER PACK, and not through Amazon, but I am testing E bay and Gumtree for a few months.

All payments are via Pay Pal, so you have security of payment.

Delivery within 2-3 days (UK only

Recommend the TRICTY AC/DC POWER PACK to a friend or a work partner who can also commit to placing an order with me and you will receive a £10.00 commission pay-back through Pay Pal

Just to remind everybody what is happening across the world, from Cyclones, to Hurricanes, Flooding to Snow Storms that may yet happen more often every where in the world, as the effects of Climate Change increase.

The DIGITAL world is relying on smart phone devices more and more, often left on 24 hrs a day, but if your home/business power fails you have nothing to keep your device charged up. This device can even power your Router, which keeps you on line, as long as the saterlite is not down