We have a crises in the delivery of clean energy across the UK. The experiance and knowledge through Thermmaltricity International Consultants is hear to help

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We are now at the beginning of the start of 2022 winter months, but unlike last winter, we now have a global wide gas shortage due to the invasion of Ukraine by Putin of Russia.

On top of this, we have big increases in food costs, not helped by higher gas/oil fuel costs, all of which is affecting household budgets.

The government has announced a £45 billion energy support to everybody, to freeze the rising cost of gas and electricity for 2 years from 1st October 2022.

To those with a lot of value in their homes, even with the expected increases in interest rates on Mortgages, this is the time to talk to your bank or BS requesting a loan to be attached to your mortgage.

Investing in Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Solar PVT Hybrids, and a Heat Pump along with increased insulation is the only solution in reducing our energy use, so in the future is affordable.

I see no way back to the 2.8p a kWh for gas, those days are long gone, and for those looking at electricity only supplies, then solar PV, Solar PVT Hybrids and heat pumps is the way forward.

After 6 sales of my updated Multi Fuel Thermal Store design in 2020-21, I decided it was time to replace my outdated China Made Thermal Store of 16yrs with my new one.

We are now in October 2022, with 14 Thermal Store sales completed, some with my Apricus heat pipe thermal collectors to reduce fossil fuel use and one with both solar PV and Solar Thermal with only 2 x 3kW immersion heaters as back up. This 400L vented thermal store will service the heating of 14 radiators and HW for 4 persons (mainly showers and kitchen.

Next month will see my first sale to a business owner, to heat an area of his offices with an oversized thermal collector array, via a 500l thermal store, no HW required.

As from January 2023, I am planning to establish my 12th Start Up, in order to invest in the marketing of my latest updated Thermal Store (SolarTherm). Through this updated web site, I will also be updating the progress of the COOL SHEET, soon to go into production in Australia in the 4th Q of 2022 (www.pvtlab.com.au)

Here are a few of the many pictures I have taken during the installation, with many more to follow. I completed the installation myself, even though I had not done any plumbing of this nature since 2009. It just shows, once you have gained such skills, it’s not easy to forget.

I will demonstrate a step by step guide on how to complete each part of the install, as was important to me to demonstrate how a open vented thermal store can be installed by a competent qualified plumber.

If you want the 2 power points converted to a PDF including YOUTUBE links. Feel free to send a £10 fee to my Pay Pal using the e-mail address of

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