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A re write of this web site 2021-2022

The focus is on my New Thermal Store

Break Down of Thermal Store

In line flow meter

Joins up 2 coils inside

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Top of store

to vent and feed tank

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Flow in and out

Direct flow in and out from heat pump

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Temperture mixer valve

Protects against scalding

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WEB SITE Under Development

We are now into November and the 2nd week of COP26 in Glasgow
From the 14th of this month, I will start to re write this web site, so focus on the installation of my updated multi fuel thermal store
You can also find about this on E bay, search Thermal Stores in the solar thermal/hot water cylinder area

Regards for now, please bare with me, as this may take me a month, as the Fasthost company, has once again updated how I manage this site.

Its been a while since I updated my web site, as its now 6th July 2021 and on the 19th July our government has decided to drop 95% of the pandemic protections.

The good news is the growing interest in my updated Thermal Stores, now being manufactured by Newark Copper/Stainless steel cylinders located in Nottingham

Further updates and changes to the web site on the way

Today the 09/11/2020 could be the start of a NEW era, as the USA election has pointed to the re-joining the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, after Joe Biden and Kamila Harris was elected to be the next President and Vice president of the USA

After many years in solar thermal system design, including a hand on involvement in the manufacture and quality control of the brand Apricus followed by a 2nd brand Suntech Solar (Evacuated tube heat pipe collector) in China, followed by the importation to UK and exporting to many parts of the world, I have now reached a point in my life where another change is on its way by the end of this decade (2030)

The Covid-19 virus which was transported by humans from China in late 2019, has devastated the world, resulting in a global pandemic with the loss of hundreds of millions of jobs and businesses.

The cost to the global economy is estimated at $3.5 trillion loss of earnings to the workers of the world to date.

But while we wait for a vaccine (already available), the climate crises continues which will cost global economies $trillions over many years to cut greenhouse emissions to zero by 2050 (China 2060)

This is a wakeup call to all of us to do everything we can as individuals to multinational corporations and governments to make changes to the way we live, travel and work.

I will be adding more information to this front page over the next few months, now the world knows that Joe Biden and Kamila Harris have just be elected as the next President and Vice president of the USA.

We are all now looking to the Democrats to re join the Paris agreement, which sadly Donald Trump decided was not in the best interest of American businesses to involved in this initiative

This is a link to a NEW video from the manufacture of my ThermoSolar Multi Fuel open vented Thermal Store.

Reminding everybody how our weather can destroy many peoples dreams and lives, with huge costs to the human race

Just to remind everybody what is happening across the world, from Cyclones, to Hurricanes, Flooding to Snow Storms and massive forest fires as seen in Australia in 2019 and again in California, USA in 2020. This is certain to happen more often everywhere in the world, as the effects of Climate Change increase.

As a home or business owner, you proberly feel this is not something you can resolve alone and that it’s for governments to resolve.

In these current times of a global pandemic, the majority of the human race is more concerned about losing their jobs, a business owner losing his/her business as sales plummet and the elderly more at risk of dying due to contracting this virus.

Then you have the young, who want to continue with their busy social life styles and achieving their goals in life after leaving university and collage.

I am one of those people who has lived and worked through 3 businesses I have established over 45 yrs, forced to close down due to recessions. Also a person without a job for a short time and now aged 73 a possible risk of catching this virus if I am stupid enough to ignore the risk.

My point to all this, is everybody has to recognise that the next big crises is climate change, the planet heating up, which will affect all of us, starting with water shortages which will affect global food production and migration from hot countries to cooler countries.

All I can do during lock down is to share all my business life experiances along with my plumbing, heating,  solar hot water heating, property refurbishment expertise and knowldge I have gained, and passing this freely onto those who are seeking a cost effective way to make the changes to their homes and business that reduces the burning of fossil fuels.

To thousands of young people, look towards gaining a skill, or as I have done over 20 trade skills, as no robot can replace a plumber, carpenter or builder, look to gaining skills in these industries if going to University is daunting.

New 300L using a Combi Boiler to heat the store via a boiler coil.pdf
1800x500 copper v1.pdf

I have THREE NEW Thermal Store designs (manufactured in the UK by Newark Copper Cylinders, also in Stainless Steel) which provides single store of hot water that delivers both HW for sanitary use (Indirect through 2 HW coils) while at the same time, the water in the store is used in the heating of the home.

The Thermal Store material options is in copper or stainless steel, I prefer to recommend stainless steel 316L for longer life.

I first developed a Thermal Store back in 1991 (click onto the thermal store pages) which was to provide hot water at mains pressure without needing a pressurised cylinder, now called unvented for HOT WATER only.

The basic Thermal Store from 250-500L has been designed to be heated DIRECT from SOLAR THERMAL, A HEAT PUMP, GAS or OIL BOILERS AND WOOD BURNER STOVE.

The store is maintained at around 70c through the winter period (due to colder incoming mains water temperature at 6c) and in summer at around 60c (due to warmer incoming mains water temperature at 16c)

The 2nd model (top PDF) allows a home owner who has the space to install a Thermal Store to use their existing Combi Boiler. The extra coil in the middle is where the Combi Boiler exchangers its heat instead of the water being pumped around radiators or UFH through a closed loop system. Most Combi Boilers struggle during winter months to provide hot water in volume at a higher enough temperature. 

A 3rd option for mainly house builder developers or Self Build, is to use electricity from the GRID, but 100% renewable, along with solar thermal tube collectors to support day time winter heating needs and 80% of hot water needs during the late spring/summer and early autum months.

In 2025, the Conservative government announced that all new homes by 2025, would no longer be supplied with mains gas.

The current thinking is to replace gas boilers with heat pumps, but a heat pump system with a HP unvented cylinder and a different type emmiters currently cost around £12,000-£15,000 as a retrofit in existing homes.

On educating myself about the costs and what is included in a heat pump heating/hot water system, I started to return to the days of storage heaters and a single cylinder for HW heated by a immersion heater.

I am now convinced that an all electric/solar thermal, thermal store system is an option to a costly heat pump system.

Instead of bricks in storage heaters storing heat during the night time cheap rate and heating up the cylinder, my all electric thermal store installed with 1 x 6Kw immersion heater at the bottom of the store wired to what was once called a WHITE METER (Off peak cheap rate night time electricity) would heat up the 250-300L thermal store at night, releasing the HW as heating from 5-7am in the morning, while also providing early morning showers at mains pressure.

Having proven for 18 yrs how evacuated tube collectors work in winter months, this would be how the temperature of the house is retained through winter days (subject to the weather) . When cloudy is often mild, if clear blue night skies with a frost is often blue skies next day.

The other 2 x 3kw immersion heaters are for day time boasts via a programmer or manually or via a  time clock.

I am now at a point in my life, where I want to share all of my plumbing and solar hot water heating expertise with the next generation of plumbing/heating engineers, along with builders and developers.

You cannot buy expertise or knowledge which I have gained over 45 yrs and now willing to pass onto others   freely.

I now see my unpaid job as a consultant, my job, and will do my best to explain in simple none technical terms how my thermal stores are the KEY to how we heat our hot water and provide heating in the future

I do not charge any money, as I am semi-retired with a pension, enough for my wife and I to live in comfort, leaving me with many hours of the day in winter months with nothing to do.

If however you feel I have saved you and your family a lot of money if you followed my direction, I am always open to except a money gift

So feel free with no obligation to pay me a penny to connect with me to see how I can help you reduce your utility bills.

I have just calculated my 3/4 bed mid terrace house here in Dorset my water, sewage from July 2019 to July 2020
Water use cost excluding fixed charges £50.81
Sewage cost, which is calculated by how much water passes through the water meter is £109.25 excluding fixed chargers
On gas use, from 3rd September 2019 to 3rd September 2020 is £506.00 including charges and 5% VAT.
Below is a picture of my Sorel Solar controller, installed around 2006, which shows the kWh total of solar thermal energy produced.
The date is 18th November 2019.
The figure shown today, the 09/11/2020 shows 97,962
So in almost 12 months, my 44 tube Apricus heat pipe collector has saved around 4,016kWh in gas use.
Gas use for the year shows 11,171.05 kWh
in money terms, based on a cost per a kWh of gas at 3.33p, the savings from solar thermal is £133.20

NEW today November 23rd 2020, my alterntive to a heat pump/new cylinder system estimated to cost with installation by qualified installers from £12,000-£15,000 for Air Source less the RHI subsidy until 2022.

NEW for when a Heat Pump does not work for you Nov 2020.pdf
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