A new era is about to begin for me at 74 yrs old and how the world can provide the energy without destroying the planet

I just deleted my past history on this page, as it’s the past and for many of no interest, except for how I can now help home and business owners.

The proof of my experience and knowledge in the areas of solar thermal is second to none, when I look at company web sites still selling solar thermal just to produce hot water for washing uses.

It was back in 1999, I found this brand new estate in Wimborne, Dorset being developed and this 2nd house in to the show house on the left that interested me for its roof space and being able to walk up right in the loft.

I managed to secure the deposit from a bank I applied for a business loan, while also in the process is setting up a 2nd business to the one already in place.

It has been this house that has proven to me that the system I installed is the only one available that delivers both the HW for washing users as well as heating support.

It was in August 2021 I decided it was time to drain down my China made Thermal Store and replace with my updated Made in UK multi fuel thermal store.

We are now in March 2022 as I write this up, and for past 6 days of warm clear blue skies, my gas boiler has been switched off, even though at night the temperature drops to around 7-8c

What I have proven with my Wimborne house, i selected for the large roof space and roof height for maximum winter sunshine is that this should be a new house template for the future.

The collector on the right is a solar batch water heater from Sunda, China and was the first collector installed on the roof in 2000.

The batch water heater holds 40 litres of water in stainless steel tubes inside 100mm evacuated tubes. Cold mains water is preheated before passing into my then 250 litre thermal store external plate heat exchangers that provided the HW at mains pressure, located in the loft space. (Now renewed with a new one in 2021)

I replaced the first Sunda heat pipe collectors with my own designed and developed Apricus heat pipe tube collector brand of 2 x 22 tube collectors in 2003.

Since completing this solar thermal heating and hot water installation, I have generated 91,620kW hrs of heated water as of April the 6th 2019. (Today itsa reached 104,300)

The UK government energy policy does not allow solar heated water to be used to support space heating through its RHI subsidy programme since first introduced 2013. (In April 2022, the RHI subsidy will end and a new policy introduced with a focus on heat pumps)

Having been a innovator of a Thermal Stores since 1991, my original 250 litre thermal store made in China, provided space heating support during the day, without the need of running a gas boiler, as the majority of home owners do. (A new Thermal Store was install in August 2021, made in the United Kingdom)

Over the years I have researched the solar hot water heating market, and have found that the majority of trained installers have been trained in the installation of closed loop pressure systems, which only deliver a cylinder of hot water to 65C.

The water in my solar collector manifold is the same water as in the store which is the same water in my 12 radiators and gas boiler.

There is no pump station, no glycol to replace, and a lower cost compared to the current price as supported by the STA.

The hot water for washing use is indirect through external plate heat exchangers, while the NEW thermal store incorporates stainless steel corrugated coils inside the thermal store. (see full details in Thermal Store pages)

Feel free to contact me for latest updates to what the future is for solar thermal heating and hot water for homes and business.

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