A crises in the delivery of clean energy is the direction of Thermaltricity International and its partners

Across this web site, I am looking to bring together my renewable energy experiences and knowledge gained since 1991. Prior to 1991, I owned a plumbing, heating and bathroom retail/trade business + an installation team achieving sales of £900,000 before the business was sold off to a bathroom retailer/wholesale friend

Through the buying power gained from the bathroom/kitchen side of the business, a property refurbishing company was established in 1985, buying up mainly apartments after the owners had passed on. Most apartments that needed updating with new kitchens/bathrooms to heating systems and decoration was completed in 6 weeks and back on the market to be sold. Within this business, a hotel was purchased and converted into two luxury apartments. Some completed properties were sold on, others rented out.  

A lot has happened since 1991, which the web site will provide over the coming months and years.

After selling the bathroom business, I started a new business with fewer staff and with a focus on energy and water saving technologies. One of these was a Thermal Store

In 1993, after a holiday in Cyprus and returning twice, I arranged for a 40ft container with a wide mix of products to be shipped into Paphos after agreeing a partnering with a British born resident married to a Cypriot.

My planned 6 weeks to establish the business in a shop with the roof as a working solar systems, lasted 5 yrs after deciding my future was no longer in the UK during a continued recession.

I returned to the UK in 1998, with a lot of experience in solar water heating and some solar PV knowledge and opened the global warming centre, which was later on changed to Powertech Solar Ltd.

It was in the yr 2000; I first travelled to China, then again in 2001, after being contacted by a Mick Humphries (An Australian working for a Chinese Internet sales company)

The powertech story and Apricus can be found in related pages, which came to an end in 2009

In 2010 on my return to China, I renewed my investment is a new insulated flexible stainless steel plumbing system, which was completed by 2013.

LED lighting was added in 2014, followed by off grid portable power station kits, Power Banks, and solar cooling panels for PV conversions to PVT panels

As much as this has all been a personnel business venture which started with a new type of hot water tank back in 1991 after selling off a luxury bathroom and kitchen business. Today in 2018 the product range has been expanded to cover wider range of energy and water saving technologies that much of the developing and developed world is already buying into.

Below is a range of technologies I can service you with to suite your countries needs

1. Thermal Stores, domestic and commercial

2. Solar water heating heat pipe collectors

3. Plumbing and related parts used in solar water heating systems

4. Solar PV related products and views related to solar PV today

5. Solar PV + Thermal for commercial applications

6. Rain Water Harvesting

7. Portable Solar Charging Station kits

8. LED lighting both in AC and DC

The future use and uptake of current proven solar technologies, is for the people of the world to wake up too, so the powerful corporations and Tech companies who want to control us through the supply of energy and water do not win, to obtaining our Data through social media companies, the Internet and paying our bills through a mobile phone

YES, there is an upfront cost, just as there is in buying a car or a house, but over time, your investment in a solar water heating system to a solar powered LED lighting system with battery storage gives you your first freedom from the powerful electricity generators, who also collect the taxes for the Government of the country.

Much of this web site is all about my life time business experiences, and living in a house in the UK I have slowly converted to running 50% off Grid, giving me some control over increasing energy and water bills.

I started to install many of the energy/water saving technologies after buying a brand new house in a 50 house development in Wimborne, Dorset, after 2 years being back in the UK after 5 yrs spent in Cyprus.

What I have proven with my Wimborne house, purchased in 1991 as a NEW house in a 50 house development in Dorset.

I selected this house for its roof space and height to collect winter sun.

The collector on the right is a solar batch water heater from China and was the first collector installed on the roof in 2000.

The batch water heater holds 40 litres of water in stainless steel tubes inside evacuated tubes, as a pre heat of mains water before passing through the heat exchanger in a 250 litre thermal store, located in the loft space.

I replaced the first Sunda heat pipe collectors with my own designed and developed Apricus heat pipe tube collector brand of 2 x 22 tube collectors.

Since completing this solar thermal heating and hot water installation, I have generated 91,620kW hrs of heated water as of April the 6th 2019.

The UK government energy policy does not allow solar heated water to be used to support space heating through its RHI subsidy programme since 2013 to today.

Having been a innovator of a Thermal Store back in 1991, my 250 litre thermal store made in China, provides space heating support during the day, without the need of running a gas boiler, as the majority of home owners do.

Over the years I have researched the solar hot water heating market, and have found that the majority of trained installers have been trained in the installation of closed loop pressure systems, which only deliver a tank of hot water.

The water in my collector manifold is the same water in the store which is the same water in my 12 radiators and gas boiler.

There is no pump station, no glycol to replace and a lower cost compared to the current price as supported by the STA.

The hot water for washing use is indirect through external plate heat exchangers, while the NEW thermal store incorporates stainless steel corrugated coils inside the thermal store.

Feel free to contact me for latest updates to what the future is for solar thermal heating and hot water for homes and business.

Short history of behind Eric Hawkins