We have a crises in the delivery of clean energy across the UK. The experiance and knowledge through Thermmaltricity International Consultants is hear to help

As much as my past business was focused on solar thermal and thermal stores, I was also very concerned about the water every home owner and those in rented acomodation wasted

So this is the start of a new folder, after our hottest summer to date and with very little rain fall to see us through to the winter

Today I serched for UK made water tanks and liked what DIRECT WATER TANKS was offering

You can find them on www.directwatertanks.co.uk

They sell a 1,000L tank in a suport frame for just over £200 + Vat including delivery within the UK.
Over the next few weeks, I will look to break down how my own system works at my home in Wimborne Dorset, so everybody can follow
To fill this tank with rain water you need a water butt attached to a in line down pipe harvester, to direct rain water into the water butt.
In side the water Butt, you install a submercible pump with a float attached.
As the butt fills up to a level below over flow, the pump switches on and pumps the water into the bigger tank/tanks
From the outflow valve at the bottom, you need to connect a 2 inch pipe from where the tank is located to inside a shed, where you then need a boaster pump to be located.
With the boaster pump supplied with rain water, you then need a pair of filters to filter the water if you use for house use. Like flushing toilets, washing up or as I do have a shower heated by solar, with 2 more storage tanks in my loft with another boaster pump.
If you want to use just to water garden as if was mains pressure, forget the filters.

I will be adding much more information and greater details of my own system, I first installed in 2000, after I purchased this new 3 bed house, useing one of these tanks I imported at the time from Cyprus.